CRO#: 680497


Sports Tech

HotFoot is a powerful new sports tracking app which guides users using audio cues and GPS tracking maps around 1,000s of global running and cycling routes.
by Oliver Kirwan
100% Funded
€ 150,000Funding goal
€ 150,525Invested

Company Summary :



The HotFoot app platform is a powerful new sports tracking app entering the rapidly growing global market of connected sports tech. By 2021, 1.3 billion people worldwide will use sports tracking technology and HotFoot is perfectly positioned to capitalise on this growing market. HotFoot has been developed by Irelands leading sports management company who have an existing engaged target market audience.


Key highlights:

  • Strong experienced team with extensive market knowledge
  • Revenue generating in 1st Quarter of 2021 with monthly paid subscriptions
  • Existing accessible audience of 200,000 target market customers.
  • Long history of acquisitions in the sports tech sector.
  • Modest current valuation of €500,000