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WhyBuy provides consumers with the alternative to having to buy expensive items for ad hoc usage.
by drashti unagar
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Company Summary :



  • WhyBuy is doing to rarely-used items in consumers' sheds and attics what Spotify and Netflix have done to CD and DVD collections.   
  • Expensive durable items (BBQ,s heaters, rug cleaners etc.) that consumers need ad-hoc but don’t want to buy, store or maintain. 
  • Available to rent at a fraction of the purchase price in an ethically sustainable manner with an exceptional user experience. 
  • White glove highly flexible delivery and pick up, absolutely ready to use, backed by retailers and manufacturers.
  • Commercially proven (300+ orders per month, ~ 2,000 users) and currently unable to fulfil existing demand. 
  • Critically distinguished from existing models - not P2P or ‘normal’ rental. Unique stock management (increasingly partnering with manufacturers and retailers) and logistics solutions, refined since 2019. 
  • Our solutions and systems ensure we are profitable for every rented consumer durable (warehoused or with partner) 
  • We have negotiated supply agreements to ensure we generate profitable unit economics - 2.7x ROI marketing spend.
  • Moving towards market-place model (minimised inventory) to further reduce working capital requirement.