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A powerful MedTech platform that solves systemic problems in the Global Clinical Trials industry by matching Patients with the most relevant Clinical Trials.
by Ann-Marie McDonagh
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Company Summary :



Akkure was founded in 2019 by Professor Dr. Oran Rigby to allow individuals to unlock the value of their own medical data whilst maintaining complete control over if and when they share that data, and with whom. By integrating science, technology, data, and human expertise, this untapped resource of medical-grade data can be utilised to work towards our ultimate goal – curing disease one gene at a time.
By creating and hosting Digital Twins on behalf of clients, we put the individual back in control of their data, allowing them to both contribute to the development of new technologies and therapeutics and in turn, be rewarded with access and potential ownership of the same.
In the creation of our precision clinical trial system, we saw the need for everyone to own their own Medical Digital Twin. Our precision clinical trial system will be the world's first to use your Medical Digital Twin data to match you quickly and precisely to clinical trials.



Key highlights:

  • Digital software platform focused on the creation of Medical Digital Twins to support Precision Clinical Trial matching and sharing of Medical Digital Twins compliantly to support in silico drug development.
  • At commercialisation stage for roll-out with hospitals, CRO, and clinics.
  • Data-sharing systems are protected by blockchain technology to enable doctors and patients to own and control access to clinical data rather than pharmaceutical companies.
  • Brought together a major industry consortium (Microsoft & Royal College of Surgeons Ireland) to win €6.3m project for DTIF.
  • Access to a range of digital health and MedTech patents (3) to enable next-generation precision clinical trials.
  • Development of the world's first medical data exchange to empower the sharing of genomic ‘PLUS’ data between patient communities and Big Pharma.
  • 2 clinical trials were approved at Ireland’s leading university hospitals with St James pioneering the digital EMR and Beaumont Ireland’s quaternary neurological center.
  • Recently launched project FINDAKKURE to engage the Irish public to get genetically sequenced and share their genomics plus data targeting patients of Neurological, Cancer rare disease groups.
  • Launching the world’s first AI-driven precision clinical trial matcher Q4 2022.